MGVS-FEED ... Background

  • For many years, American friends of MGVS have made tax-deductible contributions by sending checks to the Presbyterian Church (USA) with a numerical code to direct the funds to MGVS. There have sometimes been delays, and expenses, related to these contributions.

  • The First Presbyterian Church of Stroudsburg, PA, has also received checks payable to the church and designated for MGVS; the church has sent these contributions in a timely manner and without deducting any expenses. We are very grateful for the Stroudsburg church's long willingness to provide this service.

  • However, many people feel much more comfortable writing checks to MGVS rather than to an intermediary. For some time, a small committee of MGVS friends has been trying to find a way for American MGVS friends to make tax-deductible contributions directly to MGVS. We conceived MGVS-FEED to which contributors could make checks, but were hampered by the cumbersome process of applying for non-profit status.

  • In 1994, Chris Petrak spent the summer as a volunteer with MGVS. Since then, he has been editing the MGVS newsletter. In more recent years, he also designed and maintains the MGVS website at www.mgvsnews.org. He is a member of the Newfane Congregational Church in Vermont. As a result of his work for MGVS, the Newfane Church has included MGVS (and its parent, the Christian Retreat and Study Centre) in its annual mission budget.

  • Early in 2007, the Newfane Church Council adopted MGVS-FEED as a mission of the church, with its own bank account. Contributions to MGVS-FEED are tax-deductible through the Newfane Church's tax exempt status.

  • In addition to the financial information which will be available by link from this website, and the oversight of the MGVS-FEED friends committee, the account will be audited annually by the Newfane Church's audit committee.

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